The major part of my life has revolved around food, and it still does.

I conduct research about food culture, write about food, and work with food development projects, primarily about small scale food production and culinary tourism. In addition, I cook, though no longer professionally. In particular, I am interested in WHY we eat. The importance of food for human relationships and personal identity fascinates me. Food has a unique ability to create both community and difference, liberation and oppression, change and stability.

Small autobiography:

I was born in 1971 in Lund, Sweden. I went to culinary school and got my first full time occupation in 1988, at the Grand Hotel in Lund as a chef. In the mid 1990s I started to study at the University in Lund and received in 2000 a PhD position at the Department of Ethnology. 2005 I received my PhD with a thesis on milk’s cultural significance in Sweden and became 2010 Associate Professor in European Ethnology. For several years I have conducted research on the gastronomic development in Sweden. How it happened when the restaurant chef went from slob to media hero you can read about in the book ”The gastronomic revolution” (Carlssons 2012). Currently I work with Karin M Ekström on a project about the development of culinary tourism in Sweden. 2015 I begin to work on the third part, which will be about how domestic cooking and meals have changed.

I teach in ethnology, Applied Cultural Analysis, and food studies. I am the coordinator of Lund University Food Studies, and member of the Foodbest Nordic secretariat.

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